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From the Airport:
Take the 783 bus to Piata Romana. From there start walking back and in the Piata Romana intersection turn left on Dacia Boulevard towards Calea Victoriei (Victoriei Avenue), and take the first left on Christian Tell Street where you will find us at No. 21.

Taxi Calling Service at the Airport:
We strongly advise against using the taxis that are already waiting at the terminal. A Taxi Calling Service has been put to the use of arriving passengers at Bucharest Airport. It is very easy to find and to use, being located in the arrivals terminal, close to the exit. There are several taxi companies with different prices per kilometer. The most popular ones are Speed taxi, Meridian or National taxi, AS taxi, Taxi Leone and Taxi 2000. With the usual price of 1.4 lei per kilometer. It guarantees for a local price and should cost only around 35 lei. It is our main suggestion for travelers asking about pick up. Many have used it so far, without any problems.

From the train Station:
On foot: It’s pretty much a straight line. You start walking on Calea Grivitei (Grivitei Avenue) until you reach Calea Victoriei(Victoriei Acenue). You than cross this Avenue, walk on to Biserica Amzei Street foranother 100 meters until you intersect with Christian Tell Street, where you make a left and find us at No. 21. Estimated time: 20 min.

By subway:
You take the M1 from the Train Station, for one stop till Piata Victoriei. You than change for the M2 and go for 1 more stop to Piata Romana. There you exit and start walking on Dacia Boulevard towards Calea Victoriei (Victoriei Avenue) and make the first left on Christian Tell Street where you will find us at No. 21.

By bus: You take the No. 86 Bus from the train Station until you reach Piata Romana. There you get off and start walking on Dacia Boulevard towards Calea Victoriei (Victoriei Avenue) and make the first left on Christian Tell Street where you will find us at No. 21.

The Umbrella Hostel is located in Piata Amzei, which is an ultracentral residential area, one of the few areas in Bucharest from where you can walk to any of the city’s points of interest. Piata Amzei is also home to the French Embassy, Ion Creanga Theatre, The Museum of Romanian Literature and more. The feel of the area is set mostly by the Interbelic Architectural Buildings, taking you back into the magical times of the 1920s-1930s.

The building our Hostel is located in, is a beautiful 1920s House, professionally restored, with a lot of it’s artistic elements brought back to life, just as they were almost a century ago. We have a capacity of 32 beds, arranged in 6 double/triple rooms, one 4 bed room and two 8 bed rooms. We have a beautiful outdoor terrace which can accommodate all of our guests at once, with it’s own bar.

Being located right across from the French Embassy, the street is patrolled by the Police 24/7, in case you were worried about safety.

We are located in Piata Amzei (Amzei Square), right in the Center of the city.
Home to Metropolitan Library, French Embassy, Bucharest French Institute, Ion Creanga Theatre, Amzei Market and more.

We are 200 meters away from Piata Romana, which is home to a number of Bucharest’s most important Universities, so it is a lively area with lost of students, bars and shops. It is also a connection point to any kind of transportation.

100 meters away you’ll find Victoriei Avenue, which is Bucharest’s street with all the best shops, and also the avenue on which by walking, you will see some of the most beautiful monuments, museums and buildings the city has to offer; such as The National Museum of History, The Romanian Concert Hall (Ateneul Roman), The Revolution Square, The National Savings Building, etc.

A 500 metres walk away, on Victoriei Avenue, sits the Old City Center, which is the most vibrant part of the city, home to all the bars, pubs and discos. It is also a place of historical meaning, being the heart of old Bucharest.

The train station is a straight line 20 minutes walk away. About 1,2 km.

The Palace of Parliament is also 20 minutes away on foot, through the historical center of Bucharest, which makes for a great walk on Victoriei Avenue.

You are also very close to the parks of central and northern Bucharest.
Cismigiu Park is only 400 meters away, and has been designed in the 1920s, which gives it a great old city feel.
Herastrau and Kiseleff parks are 500 meters away, also by taking a walk on Victoriei Avenue.
These two parks together form the biggest park area in Bucharest and are also home to a large number of museums, for which the city is famous for: The Romanian Peasant’s Museum, The Antipa Natural History Museum, The Romanian Village Museum, The Geology Museum and many more.

To sum up: you are a nice and safe walk away from every interest point in the city.

General Christian Tell Street No. 21, Bucharest, Romania;
booking@ / T: +4 021 212 50 51

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